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Webtransfer Decentralized Credit Network: Structure

Project Description

The aim of the project is to establish the Webtransfer decentralized credit network, utilizing blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security, and accessibility of financial services worldwide. The network will include partner organizations—credit unions, as well as a partner program aimed at maximizing expansion and participant engagement.

1. Management Structure

– Global Coordinators (9+ people):
– Responsibilities: Strategy development, international relations, and oversight of the network’s mission execution.
– Compensation: $3,000 per month each + a percentage of network transactions.

– National Coordinators (3+ people per country):
– Responsibilities: Organizing work in the country, aiding in the creation of new credit unions, training, and support of regional cells.
– Compensation: $2,000 per month each + a percentage of national operations.

– Regional Cells (3+ people in each major city or region):
– Responsibilities: User support, marketing initiatives, local credit operations management, technical and operational support.
– Compensation: $1,500 per month each + shares from regional operations.

2. Technological Infrastructure

– Development of a decentralized platform on the blockchain:
– Creating a platform for decentralized account and transaction management.
– Integration of smart contracts to automate operations and ensure security.
– Development of a user interface that is easy to use in different countries.

– Partner Program:
– Implementation of a blockchain-based program to attract and motivate partners.
– A rewards system for active network participants based on WEB tokens.

3. Marketing and Promotion

– Global marketing campaign:
– Development and implementation of a marketing strategy to attract users and partners.
– Organization of PR campaigns, creation of promotional materials.
– Conducting online and offline events to promote the platform.
– Campaigns through social and traditional media to increase awareness of the benefits of decentralized financial services.

4. Motivation and Rewards

– Bonus and percentage system:
– Rewards for attracting new participants and credit unions.
– A percentage of transactions directed to support operational activities.

Implementation Stages

– Phase 1: Preparation and presale (3-4 months)
– Platform development, attracting initial investors.
– Phase 2: Deployment and start of operations (2-3 months)
– Launching the platform, initial credit operations.
– Phase 3: Expansion and scaling (ongoing process)
– Expanding the network, adding new regions and partners.

This program is aimed at creating a transparent, efficient, and self-managed network that promotes global financial inclusion through the use of blockchain technologies.

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