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Credit Certificates

Credit certificates, non-fungible tokens (NFT) associated with liquidity credit pools, are used to represent shares in these pools. Each certificate is unique and provides its holder with several important rights and benefits:

• Verification of the liquidity share contributed to a specific credit pool.
• Right to receive a portion of the interest income from loans issued from the pool, proportional to the contributed liquidity.
• Ability to manage liquidity—adding or withdrawing funds from the pool at any time.
• Option to trade Credit Certificates among all holders on the secondary market.

Expanded Uses of Credit Certificates

Beyond their primary functions, Credit Certificates (Liquidity Pool NFT tokens) offer Webtransfer participants broader opportunities for interaction with the platform’s ecosystem:

• Use as collateral for loans: Certificate holders can use them as collateral within the platform to access additional financial resources while retaining their share in liquidity pools and the right to interest income.
• Investment in specialized investment pools: Credit certificates can be directed into specially created pools that offer various investment strategies or focus on specific market segments, allowing holders to diversify their investments and engage in new financial projects.
• Use as a tool for loans by other participants: Certificates can serve not only as collateral for the holders themselves but can also be offered in pools where other participants can borrow against their own assets. This approach helps create additional demand for credit certificates and increases their liquidity on the platform.

These additional features of credit certificates significantly expand their utility within the Webtransfer ecosystem, making them a multifunctional tool for managing personal finances, investing, and obtaining credit. They enable holders to actively participate in the platform’s economy, maximizing the benefits from their investments and providing new opportunities for growth and development across the ecosystem.

Thus, NFT Credit Certificates not only act as a tokenized digital right to ownership of a share in a credit pool and its associated interest income streams but also provide a high level of security and convenience in managing investments. Trading these certificates on the secondary market enhances liquidity and offers Webtransfer ecosystem participants additional opportunities for interaction and income generation.

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