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Affiliate Network

Grow your reach and earn with Webtransfer’s Affiliate Program.

Webtransfer’s affiliate program is designed for members to not only earn through new user referrals but also to fortify their standing within the credit network. Partners can establish their own credit unions to collaboratively finance loans and manage risks:

• Rewards: Earn bonuses for each new lender and borrower you refer, along with a percentage from the transactions within your network.
• Risk Management: Contribute to a secure credit environment by diversifying risk across union members.
• Community Growth: Drive the platform’s growth and development by attracting fresh financial resources and community members.

Become a part of the Webtransfer affiliate network and utilize the opportunities presented by a decentralized financial ecosystem to reach your objectives.

Partner Incentives and Training:

• Registration Bonus: As a new partner, you will receive a $50 credit bonus upon registering and for every new member you bring into Webtransfer.
• Loan Issuance: You can utilize these credit bonuses to issue loans directly from your dashboard.*
• Bonus Purpose: Credit bonuses are intended to serve as a practical learning tool for the lending process, ensuring your understanding of the system before working with your own funds.
• Insured Loans: Bonus loans are available with an insurance option, creating a safer environment for new members who are still familiarizing themselves with the platform.
• Bonus Cancellation: These credit bonuses are automatically canceled after the loan has been returned.
• Real Profits: Any profit earned from these credit bonuses is real and can be withdrawn at the end of the introductory period.

Webtransfer: Expanding Opportunities Together

Webtransfer is a pioneer in the field of social lending and aims to innovate in the area of decentralized finance. While we are not an MLM platform, in response to the requests of our community members and their active recommendations, we have developed a network referral reward system. This system expands and strengthens our lending network through profits generated from referred partners. Additionally, active leaders receive additional benefits that contribute to the further development and strengthening of our community.

Partnership Program and Rewards

Based on suggestions from our community members, we have developed a reward structure that supports and encourages both active participation in lending and the opportunity for passive income through credit certificates 100. This structure not only strengthens economic ties within the network but also expands financial opportunities on an international level.

Earning from Lending

Participants earn a percentage of the interest from loans issued by their referred partners. The more their partners earn, the greater their own earnings.

Income Structure

Your income depends on your personal loans issued and the total volume of active loans managed by your team.

Levels and Rewards

Below is the reward table outlining the profit percentages from loans issued by your junior partners:

LevelPartner Income %Personal active loansTeam
active loans
120%$100 – $1,000up to $10,000
210%$1001 – $5,000$10,001 – $50,000
35%$5,001 – $10,000$50,001 – $150,000
43%$10,001 – $30,000$150,001 – $300,000
53%from $50,000 and more$500,000

Total: 41% of Partner Income
The percentage of partner income is credited monthly at the beginning of each month, from the 1st to the 5th.

Extra 5% Commission for Top Teams

In addition, 5% of the commissions accumulated in the insurance pool are distributed among partners whose team revenue has exceeded $1,000,000.

This structure ensures that every participant can benefit directly from the growth and success of their network, enhancing the overall robustness and reach of the Webtransfer community.

*Please note that loans with bonus funds will be available after the platform launch. At the moment, bonuses are being accumulated for invitations. Create teams and expand your networks to maximize your opportunities in the future.

We strongly advise against creating fake accounts. If such actions are detected, your account may be blocked, and all accumulated bonuses will be forfeited.

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