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WEB Token: Central to Webtransfer Ecosystem

The Webtransfer token (WEB) plays a central role in the Webtransfer ecosystem, performing key functions in the management of the protocol and its development. Holders of WEB have a voice in deciding key issues related to the development of the platform, including making changes to the protocol, updates, and adding new liquidity pools.

Distribution of the WEB Token

New WEB tokens are distributed through two main mechanisms:

  • Credit Mining – Participants of the platform receive rewards in WEB for issuing loans through the Webtransfer protocol. A larger volume of issued loans results in more tokens.
  • Staking in Credit Pools – Holders of other cryptocurrencies can earn WEB by locking their assets in special Webtransfer liquidity pools and providing them for loan financing.

Additionally, tokens are periodically distributed among the most active network participants as a reward for contributing to community development.

Opportunities for Participation in Governance

WEB holders have the opportunity to directly influence the development of the Webtransfer protocol through decentralized voting mechanisms, including:

  • Protocol Updates – Holders can vote for or against changes to the Webtransfer base code.
  • Adding New Liquidity Pools – Votes are conducted to include new cryptocurrencies and tokens in the platform’s liquidity pools.
  • Changing Protocol Parameters – Changing rates, limits, collateral requirements, and other key settings.
  • Strategic Decisions – Votes on partnerships, roadmaps, token issuance, and other important issues.

Decentralized Voting Process

The voting process is fully decentralized, with each WEB holder having a number of votes proportional to their token share. Decisions are made based on community consensus of token holders.

Dividends from the Webtransfer Insurance Pool

WEB token holders manage the Webtransfer insurance pool through decentralized governance mechanisms. They vote on key issues related to managing the insurance pool, including the selection of assets for investment, changes in insurance levels and compensation rules, and decisions on payouts in complex cases. This approach not only democratizes the management process but also enhances the transparency and trust of the insurance mechanism.

At the end of each calendar year, half of the accumulated funds in the Webtransfer insurance pool are distributed among WEB token holders as dividends, while the remaining 50% are reinvested to increase the pool’s size and maintain its long-term sustainability.

Example of Distribution:

  • 2024: The pool accumulates $1 million. $500,000 is distributed as dividends among WEB holders, and $500,000 remains in the pool for expansion.
  • 2025: The pool collects an additional $1 million, increasing the total funds to $1.5 million. $750,000 is distributed among WEB holders, and the remaining $750,000 continues to build the pool.

This insurance pool not only protects the interests of lenders but also creates favorable conditions for WEB token holders, encouraging their active participation in the ecosystem’s development and contributing to its long-term success.

WEB Token Stimulates Participation in Webtransfer Credit System

Thus, the WEB token not only stimulates participation in the Webtransfer credit system but also gives holders direct control over the present and future development of the protocol.

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