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Webtransfer is committed to continuous development and innovation in the field of decentralized social lending. Our roadmap focuses on improving user experience, expanding platform functionality, and integrating with key elements of the crypto ecosystem.


Q3-Q4 (Priority):

• Launch of credit liquidity pools for investors and borrowers.

• Implementation of advanced social credit scoring features for more accurate risk assessment.

• Development and launch of an educational program for new users on the basics of cryptocurrencies and P2P lending.


• Integration with leading DEXs and CEXs (Binance, Coinbase, Uniswap) to increase WEB token liquidity.

• Implementation of decentralized insurance mechanisms to protect loans.

• Expansion of WEB token functionality, including participation in special staking and reward programs.



• Launch of the Webtransfer mobile app, simplifying access to platform services.

• Launch of a loyalty program for active users and lenders.

• Development of tools for integration with global financial services and payment systems.


• Implementation of innovative risk management tools based on artificial intelligence.

• Organization of an international hackathon for developers to create new DeFi solutions based on Webtransfer.


• Expansion of the partner network with other DeFi and blockchain projects.

• Launch of cross-chain functionality to ensure compatibility of WEB with other blockchains.

Long-Term Perspective

• Development of the international Webtransfer ecosystem to support global P2P loans.

• Development of the proprietary Webtransfer blockchain for maximum scalability and security of the platform.

• Cooperation with government and international financial regulators to create a favorable legal environment for the development of DeFi and P2P lending.

Integration and Support for Credit Unions

• Strengthening of credit unions: Webtransfer plans further development and support for credit unions, improving their risk management capability and lending capacity. This includes the introduction of new tools for risk management and data analysis, allowing unions to more effectively distribute credit resources and support local economic development.

• Expansion of credit union functionality: As part of the goal for global integration and development, features will be introduced that allow credit unions to operate internationally, providing support not only in fiat but also in cryptocurrency operations. This will enhance opportunities for cross-border financing and interaction with international financial platforms.

Webtransfer continuously explores new opportunities and technologies to enhance its services and expand its presence in the world of decentralized finance. We invite all interested parties to join us in this journey and contribute to the creation of the future of finance.


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