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For Lenders

Lenders in the Webtransfer network form the foundation of an ecosystem that enables borrowers to implement economic initiatives and strive for development. As a creditor, you have the opportunity to invest funds in various types of credit liquidity pools, each offering its own terms and levels of risk:

  • Collateralized pools: Your investments are protected by crypto assets, which reduce risk and enable more favorable interest rates.
  • Uncollateralized pools: Credit issuance is based on borrowers’ social ratings, resulting in higher interest rates due to increased risk.
  • Mixed Pools: These combine elements of both types to balance yield and risk.

As a creditor, you can also make use of innovative tools such as:

  • Secure Loans: A special category of secured loans further protected by an insurance pool, which provides full or partial loss coverage.
  • Direct Loans: Direct credit deals between users without additional insurance, implying various levels of risk depending on loan conditions.

Investing in credit pools is facilitated through credit certificates (LP NFT tokens), which serve as proof of the invested share and the right to receive a portion of the interest income. Creditors can manage their investments through the platform interface, adding or withdrawing funds from pools, as well as trading credit certificates on the secondary market.

The maximum amount and term of the loan are defined in accordance with the platform’s policy: up to 1,000 US dollars in stablecoin equivalent for a period of up to 30 days.* This provides flexibility and control over your investments, with the simultaneous support of transparency and security for all transactions within the decentralized Webtransfer ecosystem.

* This limitation may be changed by the decision of WEB token holders.

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