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Irving Fisher, the President of the American Economic Association, wrote a number considerable articles and books on various subjects, but monetary economics received his most significant contribution. Fisher’s Model of Intertemporal Consumption reflects the quantity of amenities which in future would compensate the refusal from their consumption at the moment. In other words, it reflects some future income for which you can now lend out your money.

Banks, traditionally, have been intermediaries between creditors and borrowers, taking a greater part of income. An investor is always faced with a dilemma — whether to choose a conservative investment or a more profitable one.

Braddock Hickman, professor of economics at John Hopkins University, examined the data on corporate bonds trading from 1900 to 1943 and proved that a diversified portfolio of low-grade IOU’s turns out to have a higher profit margin at equally low risk level, rather than the comparable portfolio of high rated liabilities.

Hickman combined scientific studies with a successful career: he worked as a vice president of the Cleveland branch of the Federal Reserve Bank and a head of the National Commission on Federal Statistics.

His conclusions were confirmed by T. Atkinson’s research covering data from 1944 to 1965. High-yield bonds (microloans) provide great opportunity. It is very much different from buying shares. No matter how much you study any share, you couldn’t determine its future value for sure. But an IOU has a certain maturity date, and you know exactly how much you earn.

Webtransfer has developed the P2P lending platform where the entire pull of loans in the network is considered as a single high-yield diversified portfolio of low-grade IOU’s. A Security fund is formed from a part of the credit network income. Even if individual borrower fails to re-pay the loan, the profit of the entire portfolio should not fall below the guaranteed level.

Anyone can lend and borrow at Webtransfer – all you need is to be a member of one of the social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and MoiMir@Mail.ru. The loan can be sold prior to its maturity date, in which case the principal amount of the loan will be returned with a minimum income of 24% per annum.

It is our top priority to protect interests of the creditors.


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