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Credit Certificate 100

Webtransfer 100 Credit Certificate: The Ideal Choice for Investors Seeking Stability Without Active Involvement

The Webtransfer 100 Credit Certificate is an investment tool designed for those who prefer stable income without the need to actively manage P2P lending and constantly monitor balances. The certificate offers a fixed income protected from market fluctuations and the potential for increased profitability through conversion to Webtransfer (WEB) tokens or shares of credit pools after their listing.

The funds raised are directed to the formation of credit liquidity pools, contributing to the development of an innovative decentralized credit network. The Webtransfer 100 Credit Certificate is ideal for investors who want to avoid the complexities of retail lending and offers a unique opportunity to combine stability with growth potential.

Key Parameters of the Certificate:

  • Title: Webtransfer Credit Certificate 100
  • Format: NFT (Non-Fungible Token)
  • Network: TON & Polygon
  • Nominal Value: $100

Purchase Options and Profitability:

  1. With Discount
    • Purchase Discount: 20% discount on certificate purchases
    • Return: 25% annually on the purchase amount
    • Maturity Term: One year. At the end of this period, investors will receive 100% of the nominal value of the certificates.
    • Early Redemption: Available anytime with a 10% annual return within 10 days from the moment of presentation
  2. At Nominal Value:
    • Return: 20% annual return with monthly interest payments
    • Maturity Term: One year
    • Early Redemption: Unavailable
    • Secondary market: possibility to sell the certificate at any price, including a price higher than par

Thus, investors can choose between a advantageous discount with consolidated returns upon redemption or stable monthly payments at nominal value with subsequent repayment of the principal.

Conversion to WEB tokens:

  • Right to convert: granted to all certificate holders
  • Conversion ratio: 50% ($100 certificate is exchanged for WEB tokens worth $150)
  • Financial benefit: 50% increase in investment value
  • Activation condition: listing of WEB tokens on a centralized exchange and capitalization of at least $5 million

Other Exchange Opportunities:

  • Exchange for shares in Credit pools:
  • Certificate holders will have the opportunity to exchange their certificates for credit certificates (shares) of various credit liquidity pools of their choice.
  • This opportunity will become available after the corresponding credit pools are launched on the blockchain.
  • The exchange will take into account the profitability of the selected credit pool.
  • The cost of the exchange will be calculated as if the investor had invested in the credit pool at the time of the initial purchase of the credit certificate 100.
  • Such an exchange will allow increasing the profitability of the certificate holder by investing in more profitable credit pools.
  • However, this means the certificate holder loses the right to convert the certificate into WEB tokens with a multiplier of 50%.

Thus, this opportunity offers flexibility in investment management and the potential for higher returns, but it cancels the previous option of converting into WEB tokens.

Earn from the income of the partners you invite. The more they earn, the more you earn.

Webtransfer offers partners attractive terms, including a percentage of the profits of invited partners and additional bonuses.
Your income depends on your personal certificate purchases and the total volume of your team’s purchases.

Become a Partner

Levels and Rewards

The affiliate program for selling credit certificates 100 offers various levels of rewards:

1. Rewards table for purchasing certificates at a face value of $100:

LevelPartner Income %Personal purchasesTeam purchases
115%$100 – $1,000up to $10,000
210%$1001 – $5,000$10,001 – $50,000
35%$5,001 – $10,000$50,001 – $150,000
43%$10,001 – $30,000$150,001 – $300,000
53%from $50,000 and more$500,000

Total: 36% of partner income
The percentage of partner income is credited monthly at the beginning of each month, from the 1st to the 5th.

2. Reward table for purchasing certificates at a 20% discount for $80:

LevelPartner Income %Personal purchasesTeam purchases
120%$80 – $800up to $8,000
210%$801 – $4,000$8,001 – $40,000
35%$4,001 – $8,000$40,001 – $120,000
43%$8,001 – $24,000$120,001 – $240,000
53%from $40,000 and more$400,000

Total: 41% of partner income
The percentage of partner income is credited monthly at the beginning of each month, from the 1st to the 5th.

Extra 5% Commission for Top Teams

Additionally, a 5% commission is distributed among partners who have made a team turnover of more than $1,000,000.

One-time Commissions

In addition to receiving a percentage of your partners’ income, you also earn a one-time commission of 5% on purchases made by customers you personally invited.

This one-time commission is paid one month after the purchase is made by the invited partner.

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