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Insurance Pool

Enhance the protection of your investments with added security through Webtransfer.

Webtransfer’s Insurance Pool is established to mitigate potential financial losses for lenders in case loans are not repaid. A portion of the interest from each issued loan is allocated to this reserve, providing an additional layer of protection:

• Loss Compensation: In the event of a borrower’s default, the insurance fund disburses compensations, minimizing lenders’ financial risks.
• Stability of the Credit Network: The presence of the insurance reserve boosts investors’ confidence, maintaining stability throughout the system.
• Decentralized Management: The pool is managed using blockchain technology, ensuring transparency in the allocation and use of resources.

Investing with Webtransfer becomes more secure with the insurance pool, offering lenders an additional level of confidence and peace of mind.

The Webtransfer Insurance Pool plays a pivotal role in maintaining financial stability and protecting lenders by accumulating resources through commissions and the pool’s investment activities. At the end of the year, 50% of the collected funds are distributed among Webtransfer token (WEB) holders as dividends, strengthening the network’s long-term financial stability. The management of the pool is executed through decentralized voting by WEB token holders, enhancing transparency and trust in the insurance system.

Investing in Webtransfer is associated with an extra layer of protection, allowing you to invest your funds with greater assurance in the security of your capital.

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