About Webtransfer


Webtransfer® Social Credit Network was established by Webtransfer World Wide Group Ltd in 2013.
Webtransfer Group consists of several companies, operating in dfferent directions, but within Social Credit Network. 


1) Unified Webtransfer LLC (FL, USA) Document Number № L12000111881 - General management. 
2) Webtransfer Corporation (NY, USA) DOS ID № 3951305 - Social network operator, software and IT solutions
3) Webtransfer World Wide Group Ltd (Belize) № 71547 - Risk management, hedging, independent scoring systems
4) Webtransfer LLC (DE, USA) File Number № 5106324 – Global marketing and promotion, big data analysis.
5) Webtransfer Europe Ltd (London, UK) – Money transmitter. Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs certificate № 06453803. Registered as a small payment institution by United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with reference № 569645.


Webtransfer ® has its representative offices and branches in London, New York, Miami, Shang Hai, Capetown, Mumbai, Singapore, Moscow and Kiev. 

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