Mutual (security) fund

In the Webtransfer social credit network you can earn money, being sure that your money is safe.

Our expert team has many years of credit experience in the assessment of whether borrowers can afford a loan, and has developed a unique technology to protect creditor’s savings. As a result, Webtransfer credit network has higher amount of repayments in the industry.

It may happen that one or more of your borrowers cannot repay the loan, perhaps due to job loss, illness or for any other reason. A Mutual fund is created in order to intervene and return the money owed.

Webtransfer Social Credit network is not a bank; therefore, Mutual fund is not part of the Deposit Insurance System (FSCS). The credit certificate is not a guarantee or insurance product. It is designed to protect the lender against the risk of loss of capital in case borrower is unable to repay the loan (protection is enabled by default).

The Mutual fund

The Fund is not commercial and is not meant to be used to generate income. The fund can be used to give lenders the remainer of the missing money (including the guaranteed minimum income) for the loan that the borrower cannot repay, if the creditors have used the "Guarant” option issuing loans using own funds. Additionally, Webtransfer Mutual Fund can be used for the credit network development purposes. Management and development expenses are also covered by the Mutual fund.

Guarant option

The software monitors overdue loans and makes sure that the payments are made up as soon as possible.

In rare event, that a borrower experiences financial difficulties and delays the repayment of the loan, you will be paid from the Mutual Fund at par value (loan amount) plus a minimum income, equal to 0.065% per day, in exchange for ownership of the loan.

Credit certificates may be covered using any reserves available at the maximum purchase rate offered by the Webtransfer Exchange at the day the  Credit сertificate was issued if there are no sufficient reserves in corresponding currency.

You will be able to loan that money again. Using Guarant option issuing loans using own funds allows you lend with confidence, knowing that your money is safe.


Funds of Partners (Arbitrage fund creditors) used to issue Arbitrage loans are in the Mutual Fund. In case the borrower cannot repay the arbitrage loan, the funds shall be reimbursed from the Mutual Fund.

Sources used to form the Mutual Fund

According to the Terms and Conditions, lenders deduct 10% to 50% of the interest received in favor of the Mutual Fund. Temporarily free funds provided by Partners (Arbitrage Fund creditors) for Arbitrage are going to Mutual fund too.

Payments from the Mutual Fund

Lenders can use the “Guarant” option to get their money back on loans issued using own funds before a loan fully matures or if a borrower has difficulties repaying the loan.​

When Mutual Fund won’t cover the losses?

Webtransfer has many years of experience in credit checking. Our careful monitoring of loans allows us to maintain a higher repayment rate than banks. This means that there is a high probability that Webtransfer can accurately predict the risk level of repayments.

If for any reason the Mutual Fund becomes insufficient, members would get a proportional compensation. This means that you will get portions of your money back over time. The Mutual Fund will continue to pay you in installments while the funds are built up from new loans until you are fully reimbursed.

In the unlikely event of the Mutual Fund’s inability to provide reimbursement, we reserve the right to collect payments from borrowers in order to compensate you with these collections.

There are several types of losses not covered by the Mutual Fund:

- Losses from loans issued outside of the Webtransfer social credit network, as well as loans issued with violation of the Terms and Conditions;

- Losses on loans issued without the “Guarant” option;

- Losses on loans issued using Mutual Fund money;

- Losses on loans issued using borrowed or Arbitrage money;

- Fake losses. If there are sufficient grounds to believe that losses claimed for reimbursement are the result of fraudulent activity of the members of the social network, then payments to these members will be suspended until an investigation is completed.

The Mutual Fund provides case assessment and approval on an individual basis. However, under exceptional circumstances, a case may not be approved or may be granted only partial approval as a protective measure.

Guarant option protection

Any lending using own funds through the Guarant option is protected. Any previous lending through a non-Guarant option or lending using borrowed or Arbitrage funds isn’t eligible for Mutual Fund coverage.

Payments from the Mutual Fund are made in the following order:

up to 1% interest per day – 1st order;

up to 2% interest per day – 2nd order;

up to 3% interest per day – 3rd order.





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