Top up Webtransfer VISA for the entire amount of finance available on your VISA or Mastercard, and get a good profit on a monthly basis!
2017-03-02 22:00:52

Dear participants and partners!

Benefit from free funds on your VISA or MasterCard. Just put free funds from your your cards on Webtransfer VISA card and get an average profit of 15% * per month (approximately 182.5% per annum). This can be done using QIWI service.

In the section "top up" we add the opportunity to recharge Webtransfer VISA card from your credit card. Click reference to the screen, make an invoice for the desired amount and pay it from your credit card.

According to this action, Banc.Exchange together with the Social Credit Network announced a new competition for the best video instructions! In your video you clearly explain and demonstrate the process of top up of Webtransfer VISA card from credit card. Demonstrate on the example of your account, you can use the slides, animations and any other tool for easy explanation.

The participants from the list of countries where QIWI works, , who will help other users of Social Credit Network from other countries to top up Webtransfer VISA through their bank cards to participate in the competition will get higher affiliate profit. It increases from 20% to 50% and 5% of the junior partners the 2nd line.

Recorded video should be sent on indicating the subject line: "Instructions QIWI CARD", and share this video on your pages of your social networks.
Posts in social networks must stay there on a regular basis!

In the letter, please specify:
1. A link to your video on Youtube;
2. Link / reference and the post / posts in your social networks;
Page in the social network must be signed by non-fictional nicknames, and your name and surname.
3. ID number and name in Webtransfer.

The winner will receive a Prize of $300 on Webtransfer VISA Card;
The following 4 winners - $100 on Webtransfer VISA Card;
The following 6 winners - $50 on Webtransfer VISA Card.
Cash rewards can be withdrawn immediately at any ATM or spent on purchases.

All the participants who will take part in this contest and email instructions above will receive $50 bonus credit.
Each person can vote for any favorite video only once. Security system will monitor online votes for spammers, which will filter and remove "fake" votes in the event of detection and will result in elimination from the contest.

1. Voting shall take place on the page:
2. Giving voice to one participant only once with the same IP-address for the entire voting period.
3. One participant can get only 1 prize, regardless of number of videos sent by him.
4. Start date - the date of announcement, the end date - 03.05.2017.
5. The results will be announced on the website within 7 days after the end of voting.

The contest is to be considered valid if it involved no less than 50 videos.
If by the end of the contest there are less than 50 videos the deadline will be extended until enough videos are submitted.
Contest organizers have the right to disqualify the video of the participant for the following reasons:
1. Video was recorded not by the owner of the account;
2. Video is not sent by account owner;
3. The creation and use of multi-accounts;
4. Any other fraudulent activity aimed at obtaining gain.

Video recording - it's easy!
Do you want to receive a prize, but do not know how to write video from the screen of your monitor? For this purpose, there are special programs for video recording. Most have a simple interface and deal with them is not difficult. All you need - is to run the program and follow the instructions.

Good luck and success to everybody!

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