Restructuring of C-CREDS account
2017-12-04 12:17:21

Dear participants and partners!

The process of Restructuring in the Social Credit Network is proceeding according to the planned steps. Today, on 03.12.2017, the process of transferring funds from the C-CREDS account to the DEBIT account of the second turn in the Stabilization Fund was completed.

The next account which will be restructured is the account of USD ❤️. All transactions, balances and operations of the participants will be transferred to DEBIT account of the second turn in the Stabilization Fund. Applications on P2P will also be canceled, if you want the restructuring of this account to be successful - remove your applications in this direction on the P2P exchange.

The Social Credit Network, which has a stake in Telegraf.Money in the form of DEBIT Coin, provided with fiat finances, will offer a certain amount of DEBIT Coin for your assets.

Your assets are the funds that will remain on your accounts in the Social Credit Network, as well as the funds that will be transferred to the Stabilization Fund for the first and the second turn. The tariff for obtaining a guaranteed amount of DEBIT Coin will depend, presumably, on the conducted Sale and the established exchange rate, according to the rates offered and your assets will be transferred in the calculation of the price for 1 DEBIT Coin.

In order not to miss the Sale (s) associated with your assets; do not forget to follow the news, both in official sources and in e-mail notifications about this. For example: in Blog of and , ,

To create a certain movement in the Restructuring, we need your support and responsiveness.


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