New Service - Partner balance
2017-03-06 23:00:00

Dear participants and partners!

Please, pay attention-Payeer, OKPay, Perfect Money exchange through Banc.Exchange is now free of comission!! $1 to $1!

Exchange from the Webtransfer VISA card for EPS:

$1 of Webtrasfer VISA = $1 of OKPay
$1 of Webtrasfer VISA = $1 of Payeer
$1 of Webtrasfer VISA = $1 of Perfect Money

Also Social Credit Network thanks all participants and partners who sends us suggestions for improvement of quality of work in Social Credit Network. We value your wishes and try to implement most of your proposals.

A servise Partner Balance for accumulating of partner profit and an easy transfer to the card will be soon realized for convenient work with partners.

Also you will be able to withdrawal from "Partner balance" through our partners-Сloud Banks to Electronic Payment Services.

That is the reason why in accounts where "Refuse" button from "Terms and Conditions" of Social Credit Network was pressed,the Credit on Demand was issued automatically.

It occurred because check on "Agree/Refuse" in case of automatic start of the Credit on Demand at the moment isn't performed for technichal reasons, there are works on "Partner balance"setup. After this setup you won't have transaction limits on the Webtrasfer VISA card any more and you will easily be able to stop Credit on Demand started automatically as the Social Credit Network will compensate all COD start/stop commissions.

The current issue prior to "Partner balance" implementation

Receipts from partners blocked all limit of transactions on replenishment of the Webtrasfer VISA card which are limited to 5 transactions. And the senior partner had problems with the Credits on Demand(no opportunity to stop), and return of loans that became deferred payments.

Some issues with Webtrasfer VISA Card withrawals, stop of Credit on Demands and carrying out exchange transactions were associated with this as well.


You will have a choice for partners fee charge-direct card top-up or use the Partner Balance service.

In case of use of the Partner Balance service all partner fee will accumulate on "Partner balance" where you, having saved up the necessary amount, will be able to receive all or a part of the partner fee by pressing the Remove button onto chosen Webtrasfer VISA Black or Virtual card,EPS (Payeer, OKPay, Perfect Money) through exchangers on the CloudBank.Social platform.

Thereby this decision will help you to earn and not to be limited in work with the Webtrasfer VISA card.

If you decide not to use the service "Partner Balance" and you will prefer to get profit on your partners daily, but the day limit of the card after all was reached, it will be offered to you to receive the necessary amount on one of your EPS wallets(Payeer, OKPay, Perfect Money) on the favorable rates of partner exchangers of CloudBank.Social or to obtain a short-term loan for a day on your Webtrasfer VISA so it can be payed off next day when the limit is updated.

The Partner Balance service will function not earlier than 12:03

Have great proffits!!!



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