Investments in the Bounty Project (job exchange with the reward of DEBIT Coin and other AltCoin plug-ins)
2017-08-13 23:00:00

Bounty Project is a job exchange (competion of various tasks, reposts, reviews etc.) aimed at improving the visibility, popularity and significance of DEBIT Coin around the world, and is also a platform for attracting other crypto currencies that need PR and branding before the ICO.

Products for investors

1. A limited amount of DEBIT Coin (100,000 DEBIT Coin for the Bounty Project, which will manage 30,000,000 DEBIT Coin)
2. The cost of DEBIT Coin for investors at $0.20 for 1 DEBIT Coin (DBC) (the minimum amount of investment is $5), which the investor receives within 24 hours.
3. When investing $200, the investor will also receives bonuses such as ETH for several transactions along with DEBIT Coin and their account will fully transfer to work with crypto currency.
4. After 30 days, the investor receives +50% Bonus of DEBIT Coin from the replenishment amount.
5. During the working hours of the exchange, the investor can post a task to be completed by members using another 50% Bonus of DEBIT Coin from the replenishment amount with Total 200% of DEBIT Coin Bonus.

Other advantages for investors will be posted at a later time.


What is an investment in the creation of a Bounty Project?

Investments in the Bounty Project is an opportunity for a limited number of people to influence and improve the DEBIT Coin which is allocated in the Bounty Program. The Project will aslo allow investors to improve promotion of their own businesses on the established exchange, as well as the opportunity to help make decisions on the direction of the Bounty program's finances in projects that will Increase the popularity of the currency.


This limited opportunity will only be available until August 20


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