The end of the first period of Test Sales - The cost of 1 DEBIT Coin - $ 0.1237
2017-07-13 22:00:00

Dear participants and partners!

On 07/13/2017 at 11.59 GMT the 1st period of Test Sales of DEBIT Coin 1.000.000 (one million) is finished.
In total, payment of coins received on a amount of $123.654. The coin value according to the distribution formula was - $ 0.1237.
A full report on the transactions will be available on the sales page in the near future.

The second stage of Test-Sales takes place from July 13 to July 16 - at this stage another 1,000,000 DEBIT Coin are exhibited

Due to the fact that in the 1 st period late payment was added via EPS and payment by VISA / MasterCard cards was not available, the coin distribution price in the 2nd period is also set at $0.10 for 1 DEBIT Coin. *
Payment with VISA / MC will be added shortly.

Test Sales are available at

* All DEBIT Coin buyers are kindly requested to note that sales are in test mode, so we apologize in advance for errors and omissions. On the other hand, you have a unique opportunity to purchase tokens at the lowest cost before the start of the pre-sale and ICO.

* We also remind you that when you load with a crypto currency and through VISA / MC you get a bonus of 3%.
* There is also a 10% affiliate program (when specifying a partner when buying)


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