The end of the second and third period of test sales - the cost of 1 DEBIT Coin was $ 0.4324
2017-08-11 23:00:00

Dear participants and partners!

10.08.2017 at 11.59 GMT the third period of test sales of 3.000.000 (three million) DEBIT Coin is finished. In total, the payment of coins received an amount of $1 297 200.

The coin value according to the distribution formula was - $1,297,200 / 3.000.000 = $0.4324. A full report on the transactions will be available on the sales page in the near future.

The fourth and final stage of Test Sales takes place from 10 to 20 August - at this stage another 5,000,000 DEBIT Coin are exhibited. The minimum cost of the token is $ 0.25

Test Sales are available at

After the end of the Test Sales, the date of the ICO will be announced.

* All DEBIT Coin buyers are kindly requested to note that sales are in test mode, so we apologize in advance for errors and omissions. On the other hand, you have a unique opportunity to purchase tokens at the lowest cost before the start of the pre-sail and ICO

* Do not forget that there is a 10% affiliate program (when specifying a partner when buying)


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