Payments from DEBIT Note and CREDIT Note accounts on the rates of cloud partners DEBIT.Market and CREDITNote.Market
2017-03-08 10:00:00

Dear participants and partners!

Actions "Deductions CREDIT Note to Deposit Insurance with the rate 1 to 5 for the issuance of Loans with the option Guarant" and "DEBIT Note deductions to Deposit Insurance with the rate 1 to 5 for the issuance of loans with the option" Guarant "on" ends on March 9 at 00:00 by London time.

You will have an opportunity to make "Insurance payments" when you issue loans with the option "Guarant" from DEBIT Note and CREDIT Note accounts. Cloud banks DEBIT.Market, CREDITNote.Market and other cloud banks who participate in the "Insurance", use their reserves for the formation of the Insurance Fund for payments to participants if insured event happens. The rate of deductions after the end of the action will also be formed by cloud banks, which buy out DEBIT Note and CREDIT Note.

Why is it profitable?

Making contributions to Deposit Insurance from accounts DEBIT Note and CREDIT Note, you exchange your DEBIT Note and CREDIT Note for Webtransfer VISA (and if you wish, you can then make a withdrawal to any currency which you are accustomed to work with) at rates that the cloud banks DEBIT.Market, CREDITNote.Market and others are ready to offer.

Participate in promotions, embody your dreams!

We remind you that now the ACTION "Add funds to Webtransfer VISA via VISA and MasterCard" is also runs. Write video about this and send it to to get a partnership reward of 50% from junior partners of 1st line and 5% from junior partners of 2nd Line.

Great profits to everybody!



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