DEBIT Coin GOLD for 250 USD + up to 40% BONUS!
2017-09-14 10:00:00

Dear participants and partners! selling a limited batch of DEBIT Coin GOLD for the price of 250 USD.

When buying a coin, you receive 250 DEBIT Coin + BONUS on your wallet in the amount of 25%.

Totally you will receive 312.5 DEBIT Coin.

The sale period of DEBIT Coin GOLD is 10 days from 14.09. to 24.09.

All DEBIT Coin Gold bought during the first 48 hours will be credited with an additional BONUS + 15% !!!
Totally you will receive 350 DEBIT Coin on your wallet in Telegraf.Money

The DEBIT Coin Gold is a multicurrency wallet for storing up to 5 keys from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dash crypto currency and cold storage itself.
Crypto-coin DEBIT Coin Gold reliably saves your crypto assets, protecting against viruses, malware and locks. A coin with any amount of crypto currency loaded into it can be transferred to a third party as cash.

You can buy DEBIT Coin Gold here:

Information about ICO:

Within the framework of the planned ICO, a coin can be obtained with the purchase of DEBIT Coin for an amount not less than 500 USD.

The distribution of DEBIT Coin to ICO tokens will take the form of accepting applications with a minimum and maximum price per token. The guaranteed cost of obtaining DEBIT Coin on ICO is 3 USD!
The exact timing of the launch of Pre-sale and ICO of DEBIT Coin will be announced shortly.

After buying the DEBIT Coin GOLD, you need to write a letter to, attaching the screenshots of the purchase and specifying the necessary data (name, zip code, country, city, address, phone)


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