Buying DEBIT Coin with a 10% bonus when buying through Payeer and Perfect Money due to fluctuations in the crypto currency market.
2017-09-04 21:00:00

Dear participants and partners!

Due to the fact that the market of crypto-currencies now has some fluctuations (on average 10%), in order to consolidate and become even more accessible as a result. It was decided to buy DEBIT Coin through Payeer and Perfect Money with a 10% bonus.

When buying DEBIT Coin through the website through:
1. Payeer, Perfect Money - you get a 10% bonus from the purchase at a fixed price of $0.7533
2. BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Etherium) - you make a purchase at a fixed price of $0.7533 at the average market rate of the Crypto currency at the time of purchase.

This is done in order to automatically convert the DEBIT Coin into dollars, euros and pounds sterling into Telegraf.Money- cards, the rate of which is more stable and (not subject to many external factors) and is tied to the dollar equivalent.


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