Deduction to the Guarantee fund on loans Guarant are made from CREDIT Note with the ratio 1 to 5
2017-02-18 20:00:00

Dear participants and partners!

We are glad to inform you that during 5 days from 18.02 till 22.02 runs special offer "Deductions to the Guarantee Fund in CREDIT Note with the ratio 1 to $5 when issuing loans with the option "Guarant "on».

To participate in the action you should top up Webtransfer VISA via EPS (Payeer, OKPAY, Perfect money) on Banc.Exchange. The total amount of issued loans with the option "Garant" and the possibility to pay deductions to the Guarantee Fund in Credit Note will be equal to the sum of top ups of your Webtransfer VISA made through Banc.Exchange.

Also, when you top up Webtransfer VISA via EPS (Payeer, OKPAY, Perfect Money) on Banc.Exchange you get the following:
1. 0% commission for top up
2. You get a higher percentage for running Credit on Demand. Additional income in the amount of 50% of the profit of the Social Credit Network accrued by Banc.Exchange.
3. Daily Cash Back (income) on Webtransfer VISA Card in the amount of 0.3% (109% per annum in US dollars). You can use the finances at your discretion, without limitation, interest will accrue on the balance on the card at the end of the day.
4. You will receive 1 free ticket to participate in the most honest lottery for top ups through Banc.Exchange on every 25 USD.

Take part in our Action! Get higher income when working with Webtransfer VISA Card issuing loans with the option "Garant" on make deductions to the Guarantee Fund in CREDIT Note with the ratio of 1 to $5 and, run Credit on Demand to get additional income in the amount of 50% of the profits of the Social Credit Network.

ACTION is supported by Banc.Exchange.

If you have any questions, you can always ask for help in the Official Support Team:

SCN.Support and chat Telegram @SCNsupport - here you will find not only the answers to your questions, but can participate in the competition and be aware of all the actions held by the Social Credit Network and partner sites.



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