Winners rewarding for the contest The Best Video Instruction on Working with Credit to Demand on Payeer, Perfect Money and Okpay
2017-03-13 20:00:00

Dear participants and partners!

The contest for "The best video instruction on working with the credit on Demand on Payeer, Perfect Money and Okpay" is over! We are grateful for all the participants who sent the video instructions for their qualfied work. With your help, many partners of the Social Credit Network were able to work with the Credit on Demand quickly and easily, and now they receive a stable income when working with the Credit to Demand through the EPS. We express our gratitude to all those who supported our contestants and are happy to announce the names of the winners who obtained the largest number of votes by the voting results:

1st place 300 $ Natalia Cherbunina
2nd place 100 $ Evgeniy Nazarenko
2nd place 100 $ Alexander Kolmakov
2nd place 100 $ Tamara Zaseeva
2nd place 100 $ Alan Pagiev
3rd place $ 50 Igor Taraban
3rd place $ 50 Vladimir Druzhinin
3rd place $ 50 Rustam Kabisov
3rd place $ 50 Yury Tsutsiev
3rd place $ 50 Nikolay Fomenko
3rd place $ 50 Anna Teplyakova

And if you did not manage to take part in this contest, then you have an excellent opportunity to be in the ranks of the winners in the new contest "Replenishment of the WT VISA card from the MasterCard or VISA bank card". The prize fund is 1000 $!

During this action you will be able to take advantage of the unique opportunity and increase the reward that you receive from junior partners on 2.5 times. For this you just need to record a video with the ID of the participant (not from Russia and Kazakhstan) and to who you help to replenish WT VISA through Bank cards MasterCard, and VISA. The video must be sent to, indicating the ID of the participant who you helped, after that you will be set up an affiliate program "50% of junior partners of the 1st level".
We wish big profits to everybody!




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