The increase in income from issuing credits: a Capital Leverage of 100% of the Credit on Demand and profit 50% from the additional Credit on Demand
2017-03-04 17:00:00

Dear participants and partners!

Social Credit Network announces a new instrument for work "Capital Leverage*" from now it is 50% from the running Credit on Demand. Cloud Banks Platform CloudBank.Social gives the opportunity to earn with Capital Leverage the 50% of the profits earned by running additional  Credit on Demand.

According to this Banc.Exchange carries out the action and gives each member of the Social Credit Network who is working with  Credit on Demand in the EPS (Payeer, Perfect Money, OKPay) and Webtransfer VISA, an opportunity to get more Capital Leverage additional 50% of the running Credit on Demand. Thus, you get a profit of 50% of the profits derived from the launch of additional  Credit on Demand, which will be issued automatically. ACTION by Banc.Exchangeis valid for 10 days.

When you start the loan demand in the EPS (Payeer, OKPay, Perfect Money) and Webtransfer VISA, than automatically launches additional Credit on Demand equal to "Capital Leverage" or 50% of the running Credit. And you get a 50% return on this additional Credit on Demand, with the support of CloudBank.Social and another 50%, according to the current ACTION of Banc.Exchangewithin 10 days❗️.

With the release of this news, the calculation takes into account the balance of Сapital Leverage inbound / outbound operations with Credit on Demand and is equal to 0. If you have running Credits on Demand and you stopped them, the balance is considered to be as follows:

Your balance = 0 (initial balance) - The amount (stopped COD)

Thus, to get Capital Leverage, you need to have the balance more than 0. It means that the main body of the running Credit on Demand should exceed the amount (COD stopped with a profit).

To get the Capital Leverage, and the automatic start of  Credit on Demand, you can use the available funds on Webtransfer VISA, or by making top ups at Banc.Exchange, CloudBank.Socialor direct replenishment on

How it works:

1. You start the  Credit on Demand from EPS (Payeer, Perfect Money, OKPay) for any amount up to $ 200. $ 200 - is the maximum amount of Credit on Demand. [The balance should be $ 200]

2. You will automatically get Capital Leverage of 100% of the running Loan on demand (50% from CloudBank.Social and 50% from Banc.Exchange)

3. When you stop  Credit on Demand you get the main body of the loan and profit. As for additional  Credit on Demand, it also stops, and you get for it only 50% of the profits, the remaining 50% of the profits go to partners, who give you the opportunity to work with Capital Leverage (CloudBank.Social and Banc.Exchange).

* Capital Leverage it is temporarily free funds of CloudBank.Socialexchangers on the platform, which, possessing large amounts of finance, provide an opportunity to increase income from lending for participants of Social Credit Network.

* The maximum period of additional Credit on Demand is 30 days

* Capital Leverage issued taking into account your balance for "Capital Leverage", ie at the beginning of the work of the "Capital Leverage" your balance to calculate the Capital Leverage is set to 0. When you stop  Credit on Demand and then run on the same amount - the Capital Leverage will not be issued, since it will only be considered as bringing the balance of Capital Leverage to 0.


You have launched  Credit on Demand of $ 100, your balance reached $ 100, you have been issued Capital Leverage at amount of $ 100 and is automatically launched an additional Credit on Demand at $ 100

You stopped  Credit on Demand and get $ 5 profit, as well as $ 2.5 of additional Credit on Demand.

Thus, your account balance became: - $0 = $ 100 (COD start balance) - $ 100 (COD stop)

Try out the new tool of the Social Credit Network, which is supported by Partners (Banc.Exchange and CloudBank.Social), and get additional income from your investments.


If you have any questions, you can always ask for help in the Official Support Team:

SCN.Support and chat Telegram @SCNsupport  - here you will find not only the answers to your questions, but can participate in the competition and be aware of all the actions held by the Social Credit Network and partner sites.


Great profits to everybody!



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