Sell DEBIT out of turn on our partner's site - auction
2017-03-13 16:00:00

Dear participants and partners!

Our partner - the auction, offers its members a guaranteed buyback of DEBIT from the partners who put it on the BuyForCent auction!

Conditions of participation in the auction:

1) It is necessary to expose your lot DEBIT at the auction
2) To purchase 500 bids and get a guaranteed buyback of 10 DEBIT as a gift

We remind you that at auction you can put up for sale your DEBIT Note, DEBIT reserved in the Stabilization Fund, located in the first and second queue.

Terms and instructions you can find on our partner's site in the FAQ section.

For any additional questions, please contact, or in the Social Network of the Auction. Links to them you can find in the bottom menu of the site.

Good luck and high profits!



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