DEBIT COIN - simple, convenient and secure!
2017-02-23 17:00:00

Dear participants and partners!

DEBIT Coin is now available to everyone!

DEBIT Coin - is simple, convenient and secure for all your financial operations! With coins, you will be able to confirm your transaction in order to transfer DEBIT Coin to other peer, check the status of your balance, conduct credit and exchange operations, as well as transfer, donate or sell DEBIT Coins to other participants.

DEBIT Coin characteristics:

Diameter: 40 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Gold plating: 18K Gold plated
Material: Zinc alloy
Sticker: Hologram with a built-in NFC chip and QR-code

Ways of purchase:

You can buy DEBIT Coin only at Auction

Starting bid is $50
Minimum bid is $5 (any amount multiple of $5)

The Auction will start 02/24/2017 at 10:00 GMT and end on 02/28/2017 at 22:30 GMT.


Russian.Credit-the Social Credit Network of Russian Federation will buy back DEBIT Coins from the first batch and will pay additional 5% of the face value of the DEBIT Coins during the first month after the end of the action. This warranty applies to the first 500 DEBIT COINS.


The buyer must pay an additional shipping fee.
Delivery options for Russia:
Russian Post: $10
Registered Mail: $15

How it works

In Telegraf.Money application under "DEBIT Coin" you can link your coin by reading the QR-Code. Next, you need to confirm that you added your coin to your wallet in one of these ways:

* If your smartphone supports NFC-reading technology *, you need to scan the tag on your DEBIT Coin with your phone and confirm the scan.
* Confirm the addition by SMS

To perform any operations necessary to be authorized by reading NFC chip or via SMS. If you want to transfer funds to DEBIT Coin of a person who is in close proximity to you, you just need to scan the QR-Code.

You can also make transfers of funds using the DEBIT Coin ID (13 digit number)


If you have questions related to the auction work CredsBerry, delivery and other issues related to DEBIT Coin, please contact an authorized Customer Support at SCN.Support by choosing the necessary section under "Auction CredsBerry".

* NFC (Near Field Communication) - a technology that allows you to provide identification at short distances using radio communications.



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