Updating the website of the Stabilization Fund and Bounty Project of DEBIT Coin
2017-08-07 00:00:00

New website of Stabilization Fund -

Investing in Bounty Project of DEBIT Coin - 

Dear participants and partners!

The website of the Stabilization Fund was updated, now it has the following abbreviated address Stab.Fund (

There you can see your being in the queue.

The Bounty Program website will soon be launched where there will be a page where you can vote for the ratio of 1 DEBIT from the first stage of the Stabilization Fund to the amount of DEBIT Coin, which, in your opinion, corresponds to 1 DEBIT. Voting is mandatory for those who see the acceleration of solving the issue with DEBIT and a bunch with DEBIT Coin.

Conversion of DEBIT to DEBIT Coin will be possible after taking part in the voting, in 1-1.5 months after the ICO, connected with DEBIT Coin.

* About the Bounty project of DEBIT Coin will be announced in the following news, now you can become an investor of this project and get +50% of DEBIT Coin from the amount of investments + special privileges, which will be announced a little later, all the details of the investment on the page


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