About enrollments DEBIT Coin for purchases made from deposits in FREEBank and conducted checks
2017-09-12 09:00:00

Dear participants and partners!

We want to inform you that DEBIT Coin has been credited to your crypty wallets for purchases made at the expense of deposits in FREEBANK.

Prior to the above accruals, a check was made and some of the vulnerabilities associated with the purchase for FREEBANK were revealed: some participants took advantage of them and repeatedly made purchases of tokens for the same amount for the same deposit.

As a result of the audit and revealed violations, some of the participants were blocked out of the system, and in others - the address of the crypty wsllets was changed, tied to the account in Telegraf.Money.

Please, all these participants who have questions about violations or changing the address of a crypty wallets tied to an account, contact support at SCN.Support


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