1537 DEBIT COINS are sold from a special batch! Few words about DEBIT COIN marketing!
2017-03-10 23:00:00

Dear participants and partners!

SMARTcoin.CloudBank.Social, our partner, thanks Ladies for active participation in the purchase of DEBIT Coins from a special "March 8" batch.

The promotion was prolonged and today 10.03 and 11.03 you can make yourself a pleasant gift and purchase DEBIT Coin with 50$ discount-by installment or on the security of Credit on Demand.

According to the partner statistics, 1537 GOLD DEBIT COINS were sold at this moment. Our partners already began to understand the purpose of DEBIT COIN.


1. In the nearest future release of Coins for other countries isn't planned, so only the possibility of resale from one participant to another will work. Partners will be able to profit on resale.

2. SMARTcoin.CloudBank.Social will establish a minimum ransom cost of GOLD DEBIT COIN$250 and this price will grow depending on market movement (the batch will be limited)

3. Marketing on DEBIT Coin currency with its consecutive growth which we observed and earlier when the cost of $100 of DEBIT Coin grew from $2 to $10 - $15 is developed. Marketing expects more rapid growth.

4. You will be able to sell the DEBIT Coin currency only if you own GOLD DEBIT COIN.

5. Provided that the DEBIT COIN was purchased for minimum $250 with the following calculation, an equivalent of 50% of purchase cost of a coin to market value of DEBIT COIN currency will also be charged (For example, upon purchase of DEBIT COIN for $400 and market value of currency of DEBIT Coin- $20, you receive $2000 of DEBIT Coin to the account linked to a coin for $100 of DEBIT COIN)

And this is just the start!



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